To activate these cheat codes in any PC port of DOOM, DOOM II or any PWADs running from them, simply type them in during gameplay.

IDDQD: God mode (Toggle)

IDKFA: All keys, all weapons, full ammo

IDFA: Full ammo


IDSPISPOPD (Doom 1 and some ports of Doom II) or IDCLIP (some ports of Doom 1 and Doom II): No clipping mode (walk through walls) (Toggle)

IDBEHOLDL: Light Amplification Visor

IDBEHOLDR: Radiation Shielding Suit

IDBEHOLDI: Partial Invisibility

IDBEHOLDV: Invulnerability

IDBEHOLDA: Computer Area Map


IDCLEVxy: Cut to ExMy (Doom 1) or MAPxy (Doom II)

IDMUSxy: Play music from ExMy (Doom 1) or MAPxy (Doom II)

IDMYPOS: Coordinates on map shown in bottom left-hand corner of screen (Toggle)

IDDT: Toggle Computer Area Map. Computer Area Map with locations of all weapons and monsters, normal map

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